Tuesday, April 18, 2017


- 34 pounds! 3'3"!
- You are such a fun little boy! You love to make us laugh and bring constant joy.
- You are a natural at helping. Teachers always tell me that you helped stack the chairs or pick up all the crayons. Even at home you are more naturally drawn towards helping clean up the toys or put books away.
- You love trucks, fire trucks, diggers, etc.
- When you started counting you would always say 3,4,5,10,2. Like every single time you were counting things. But then we were driving out to Colorado and you started to count the wind mills and you counted perfectly up to 13. Proof right there that you are silly and like to make us laugh. You knew all along how to count but knew that we would laugh if you just said 3,4,5,10,2.
- I am hoping your letters are the same way because currently you only get R and O right every single time we ask you letters. All the others you get this silly look on your face and just randomly guess a letter. And you call them numbers. Silly boy. R is for sure your favorite letter (if that is even thing) and you point out any that you see.
- When we have family meetings to try to decide what we are going to do or where we are going to go you always say "chicken and noodles". Not sure why but again it makes us laugh so you continue to say it every time.
- You love reading books and your current favorite is this box of Finding Dory mini books. There are about twelve of them and we read them all. You also really like the book Dig
- When you are saying bye you say "toooodles"
- You are a pretty good sleeper. You just stopped sleeping with your paci at night and with that going it seems like your love for your blankie has also suffered. Last night you did come get me in the middle of the night to sleep with you in your bed. I crawled next to you and I thought you had fallen back to sleep so I got ready to go back to  my bed and you sat up and said "but I will miss you mom". So I laid back down for several more minutes.
- You love playing with Henry throughout the day and ask me often where he is if you can't find him. You also love Adeline and love to give her hugs and kisses and you lay your head on her head which honestly just stresses me out but you like it for some reason.
- You feel all the emotions in big ways. We have to correct you to use your "big voice" throughout the day because whining is kinda second nature for you. We are working on it though.
- You tell us you love us out of the blue. And then proceed to list all our family members. You also give kisses and hugs so freely. You are such a sweet sweet boy.
- You like praying but you always ask us to help you. So you repeat our words and always rush to say Amen at the end.
- You also always ask us to read David and Goliath. Like every single night.
- You are potty trained! But keep having lots of accidents throughout the day at home. I think you just get playing and don't want to stop. But you run off down the hall and change your clothes and come back out to play all on your own. Most days around 4 pm you change into your jammie pants for the remainder of the day. You like to be comfortable.
- You have a major sweet tooth and somehow can convince us to give you just one more bite of cookie, candy, cake, or whatever else we might be eating that is sugary. I might have also found candy wrappers and a pair of scissors hiding under Adeline's crib that you were for sure responsible for. You love your sugar.
- You are so active, constantly moving, always dirty, and you are constantly making noise. So basically you are a perfect three year old boy. Who we all love very very very much!