Monday, April 17, 2017

6 Months:

Well girl, these pictures are much much better than any of your other monthly photos because Aunt Grace took them. Can we talk about for one second how we literally sat you down on the blanket and you immediately flashed us the best smile and continued to do the same for the entire time. You are so precious and beat both of your brothers in the picture department. No competition.

On ward.

-You weigh 15 pounds 3 ounces and are 26 inches

- We attempted giving you some solid foods this month but let's just say your system got all stopped up and you screamed and cried so much and then we had the opposite problem, so I quit giving them to you altogether. You didn't mind at all not having them. And I was relieved to not have to be obsessively checking your diaper for poo every five minutes. We will try again next month.

- You and I went on our first (of hopefully many!) girls trip. Aunt Christa, Aunt Emily, and you and I headed to Fargo to spend time in Aunt Grace's home for a Keena Girl's  weekend. Overall you did very well in the loooong car ride! The first night you and I ended up sleeping on a the floor together because we didn't have your pack-n-play yet and I was a nervous wreck thinking of you sleeping there alone or squeezing you into the tiny bed. It was a sweet but uncomfortable night. The next day you slept like a champ through meals and multiple coffee stops and shopping. It was such a special four days with just you and me! We came home to very anxious boys and they had bought each of us a welcome home bouquet of flowers. We are very well loved!

- You have been doing so well in your baby class at school and you might just be the favorite. You don't fuss too much when I leave you but when I come back in the room to nurse you or pick you up your entire face lights up and it makes my whole life.

- You are sitting up so well and we rarely even have a pillow behind you anymore. You ride in grocery carts and sit in high chairs now which is one the best baby milestones in my opinion.

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