Thursday, March 16, 2017


- 44 pounds! 3'9"!
- Taking pictures of you is nearly impossible at the moment so these pictures of you watching t.v. will have to do. Speaking of tv. You still love Wild Kratt's and have been known to throw a fit if you miss it coming on at 4 in the afternoon.
- Your love for all animals and reptiles and creatures just continues to grow. Your favorite books are all animal books. Like big fat encyclopedias of animals. Your favorites are still reptiles. You also got your first pet snake! Dad took you to a reptile show and you picked an orange and black sand boa and named him Ryder. Your smile! You are so so happy to finally have your own snake.
- You are officially the sweetest big brother. Especially to Adeline. You are so aware of her and say the sweetest things about her being the cutest baby in the whole world and when you walk by her you always stop to say hi and give kisses and hold her hand. You are a great big brother to Jack as well. You are concerned about him and run to give him hugs after school each day. There are fights for sure and you both know how to make each other mad but that is to be expected.
- You are in your second year of preschool and it is just so fun to see how much you have grown in the past two years. You told me your teachers were so impressed that you knew all your lowercase letters and I kinda think you have better handwriting than I do. Your best bud at school this year is Shepherd and your favorite "class" is science.
- You are an incredibly talented artist (in my humble opinion). It is no surprise that your favorite things to draw are animals and our family. You also draw lots of detailed dragons.
- You love playing board games. Especially with Dad. But you and Jack are playing games together at this moment in the other room. Some favorites are your new Wild Kratt's game, Sequence, memory, and Uno.
- You started riding your bike and love coming up with new tricks. Your other favorite thing to do outside is jumping on the trampoline.
- You are very talkative especially when we are in the van driving around town.

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