Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Months:

- The month some more hair actually started to grow on top of your sweet little  head. You have a little patch of hair that sticks straight up in the air no matter what I do.
- Let's not ever forget how your head smells after your bath and the way you kick kick kick your legs back and forth in the water like it is your job to do so.
- You have been sleeping well still but getting up between 4-6 am wanting to eat. I get you and bring you to our bed to nurse and then you fall asleep between dad and me. And I wake up an hour or so later with a major cramp in my arm from sleeping weird on it while you are next to me. I don't mind though.
- You love your toys! Especially your keys. If you are playing with them and you drop them you promptly let our a scream to let us know you are not happy about not having your toy any longer. Most of the time you immediately stop crying after I give them back to you.
- You are just starting to figure out the sitting up thing. You get tired about half way through, but you have ridden in grocery carts and sit up to play with your pillow behind you.
- You continue to love playing on your play mat with your birds and sitting in your walker chewing on your keys while I do things around the house. You sent patiently just waiting for someone to look at you and then your face breaks into a huge smile.

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