Thursday, February 9, 2017

Christmas 2016:

We packed up and headed to Montana for Christmas this year. Our first Christmas there in five years! The drive was daunting but the kids were fantastic basically the entire way there and back. We stopped in Colorado and stayed at Bethany and Jack's. It was so nice to break up the trip and extra nice to get to be in their home and see the bakery Bethany works at and burn energy off at the library, park, and indoor swimming pool.

Bethany and Jack left a few hours after us to finish the trip to Montana. Emily surprised the whole crew and flew up to join us for Christmas. The Clark's made it in on Christmas Eve and Nick and Grace made the drive over from Fargo. (Sadly, Grace was sick nearly the entire time and only got to hold Adeline for like 2 seconds).

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church and Doug and I cried through Silent Night with our sweet family and the boys each inhaled about twelve candy canes through the service. We went home to make potstickers for dinner.

Christmas morning was a blur of chaos trying to get skype to work to see Andrew, making breakfast, feeding children, and exchanging our Secret Angel gifts. The men of the family headed out to ski while the woman and children stayed back to flip through cookbooks, make dinner, take naps, and help children in and out of snow gear  all day.

The men came back home with huge smiles plastered all over their faces and Doug told me it was one the best day ever! The snow was perfect and the company was fun. We ate a big dinner together.

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to get Red Tractor Pizza, eat at the Coffee Pot twice!, went to the best thrift stores, went sledding on the big sled hill, and played nightly games together. But isn't the highlight always just being together and making way to many pots of coffee to drink together throughout the day?

4 Months:

We went to the doctor this month and had another round of shots. She was much more needy this time around and poor girl just held her legs like they hurt for a few days after. She also had her first cold this month and we have several sleepless nights working through all the snot and all the coughs.

She weighs 13 pounds 8 oz and is 24.8 inches long!

This month she has started to play with her birds hanging on her play mat more, sitting up in her walker, and chewing on all the toys!

She rolled over for the first time! With much coaching and encouragement and now that she has done it once she doesn't want to do it much. She can go from front to back and back to front.

She is still sleeping and eating like a champion! Besides being picky about the bottles that is.