Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holiday Season:

The Christmas season really is just so much fun. Especially with kids. This year we decided to just put up our mini artificial tree to save money and especially since we were not even home for Christmas day this year. Doug hung lights on our house and the big reveal showed that one strand of lights were not working. The next night Doug headed back up on the roof to fix the problem. I loved getting to hang my FIVE stockings over the fireplace this year. Our little sweet family. 

Henry had a Christmas program at school. He did great! All second year students had a speaking part. Henry practiced his line for weeks and when it came time to say it he took a deep breath in and then quickly said "Please join us for pictures and treats". He said it so quickly the entire audience laughed. We were so proud of him. 

We took the kids downtown to Doug's office for a fun Christmas evening. Santa was there. Henry asked for a toy alligator and Jack just kept rummaging through Santa's bag for more candy canes. Adeline was not so sure and just fussed through the whole thing. Doug took Henry ice-skating while I kept Jack and Adeline in the warm. We decorated Doug's cubicle with snowflakes while he was gone. 

We made christmas ornaments and cookies and delivered them to neighbors. I got some glitter glue this year which helped us not have glitter sticking to everything for months after the project. 

We had such a sweet Christmas season together! 

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