Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3 months:

- Sleeping through the night! Still in your little crib next to our bed. We hear you rubbing your head back and forth at night. You still don't take a paci and I have officially given up on trying to get you to take one. I think you rubbing your little head back and forth is your way of soothing yourself.
- You just keep getting more and more talkative. Sometimes you are "talking" so loudly that we can't hear each other talk.
- We still have some rocky evenings where you stay up later than we want to be up. Your favorite is still to be held standing up with a little bit of bouncing here and there.
- You smile so much more and it is our favorite thing throughout the day.
- You love to eat but you have been stubborn about taking a bottle. Let's just say you like it straight from the source. One night this month I was at a girls dinner downtown and you screamed and screamed and refused to take your bottle from Dad. I arrived home to a stressed out Dad and a worn out baby.

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