Thursday, November 10, 2016

Family Rhythms :

They say children thrive in a structured environment with routines. I would not say that we are extremely rigid in our routines but when I step back and look at our day to day life I see so many small routines that are part of our family. Some have been intentionally put into place, but so many have come about naturally. Things that happen nearly every single day in our home:

- Jack runs out to get the newspaper and gives it to Doug as he gets in his car. Jack shuts his door for him and then stands and waves good bye.
- The boys eat their breakfast while watching a show in their jammies. Frozen blueberries are eaten nearly every single breakfast.
- We take a selfie every Sunday and text it to my family members. Selfie Sunday as we like to call it. Almost everyone sends a selfie and it is one of my favorite parts of my week.
- On Tuesday's the boys and I go to Fresh Market and get cheap ground beef and then pick out a yogurt or something from the bulk bins and we eat our snacks at the tables.
- Doug makes pancakes every Sunday morning before church. And we only drink juice with our breakfasts on the weekends.
- Most Friday morning involve a trip to a thrift store and many Friday afternoons include a trip to the library.
- Most evenings we eat dinner together and then clean up around the house. Then we have a family meeting to decide what our evening activity will be. Most nights it is a game of memory, Uno, Sneaky Squirrel, Jenga, or a puzzle. On special nights we go to the park and ride bikes.
- After church on Sunday we enjoy a Taco Buneo lunch and we make a frozen pizza for dinner.
- Monday's are full of laundry and cleaning up the house. "Cleaning day" as Henry calls it.
- Bedtime includes wrestling the boys into jammies, getting a little too frustrated during teeth brushing, and then books in bed. After books we have family prayer and generally a song or two. Henry falls asleep first and then Jack crawls over into Henry's bed for the rest of the night to sleep.
- We finish dinner and one of the boys goes and picks out a fruit. Sometimes it is fresh other times it is picking out a can of fruit from the pantry.

I love to step back and look at the rhythms of our family in this stage of life. These will be changing as our children change and grow but I like to think that some of these things will still be sticking around even when our kids are grown. Maybe they will all come over for frozen pizza night on Sunday's even when they are out of the house. Time will tell.

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