Tuesday, October 25, 2016


These two. It has been absolutely amazing watching their relationship grow. We pray that it continues to grow and deepen all their lives! Some things I want to remember forever about this stage with an almost five year old and an almost three year old.

- One of our very favorite things is when Jack makes Henry laugh really hard. It happens pretty often. The other night we were walking around Costco and Henry would tell Jack to be happy and he would make a super happy face. Then Henry would tell him to be sad and Jack would hang his shoulders and head and make the saddest face. Back and forth back and forth. With so many Henry giggles.

- They pull all of our pillows and blankets from all the rooms in the house into the front room and build rocket ships, houses, restaurants, or ponds, etc. basically every single day. Truthfully the mess drives me crazy most days, but they play so well together doing this I never have the heart to stop them.

- Jack will drive the cozy coupe car and Henry rides on top holding on for dear life.

- Once we tell them it is time to get ready for bed they go from relatively calm to bouncing off the walls. They start hiding under the beds, running down the hallways, and they get so so loud! It is like one last burst of energy for the day before going to sleep for the night.

- They run throughout the house and yard with socks on their hands and feet taking turns being the bad guy and the good guy. This morning they even added a soccer cleat on each arm and ran around with their nerf guns.

- Over the past year and half they have dug a pretty impressive hole out by our shed in the back yard. They fill buckets, funnels, and cups with dirt and pretend to bake pies, fill their toys cars with gas, and just make a huge mess.

- Jack loves to sleep in Henry's bed at night. Henry does not want Jack in his bed. So Jack has learned to just wait until Henry falls asleep and then he crawls over. Every single night.

- Every time we go to pick Henry up from his class Jack runs down the hallway and they give each other the biggest hug.

- It is not all pretty for sure. We have arguments, disagreements, and fights every single day. I have walked into a room to find them in head locks and laying on top of each other. They know how to push each others buttons. We are all still working and learning how to handle these times. But thankfully their relationship with grow through these times as well!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One Month:

9 pounds 10 ounces and 21 3/4 inches

You love: baths, being held non-stop, rocking and bouncing
You don't love: being put down, riding in the car if you are not sleeping, falling asleep on your own, your paci

You have also started to flash us quick smiles and coo when we talk to you. You have survived a whole month of handshakes from Jack and being held by Henry even when you are fussy. You are so so loved little one!

First Time All Together:

With the help of Brad the photographer and Grace the photo editor, we have these beautiful pictures from the hospital. We were so excited to all be together as a family of five for the first time and I am forever thankful to have these pictures from our special morning.