Thursday, September 15, 2016

39 Weeks:

- I pulled the whole family into this bump photo. It might be my last bump photo, so I figured our whole family should be involved.

- I had a major break down this week. Scared Doug half to death. I was feeling hot, tired, and my clothes don't fit anymore. So I went to bed. Once I laid down I just started weeping. Doug walked in and immediately was concerned something was majorly wrong. I am sure he was very relieved to hear that the main issue is that I am just so ready to meet our baby. Thankfully that will be solved very soon.

- We went on a hike up Turkey Mountain. It felt good to be outside and the weather was turning hot just as we were finishing the hike. We had lunch at Chipotle on the way home and it just really felt like the perfect morning.

- I have done lots of walking, bouncing on the birth ball, and lots of praying and waiting.

- I have been having lots of contractions. One evening they were even coming every five minutes for about 2 hours. As soon as I stood up and walked around they stopped. This is where the last few weeks/days of pregnancy are not only physically so taxing but also mentally.

- We could call this week, The Swelling Week. My toes and fingers. And I finally just took off my rings because they were so tight. I hope they are back in their proper place very very soon!

- I have also felt smaller this pregnancy until this week. Now I just feel huge.

- I am a bit obsessed reading labor stories and googling odd things like "is swelling a sign of labor?" and "are you more likely to go into labor at night or during the day?".

- We are so so so ready to meet this little one!

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