Sunday, September 4, 2016

38 weeks:

- I pretty much just wear loose clothes as much as possible at this point. And I hope this is not TMI, but most days, Doug comes home to find me making dinner in my shorts and sports bra. Big belly just hanging out there. He told me the other day that he really is going to miss coming home to see me like that. And the wonderful thing is he means it and he tells me and it makes me feel like I am maybe not just a freak of nature at the moment. 

- I had a meeting this week at work and all the ladies were so kind and said all the right things to me. I did think that it would be pretty crazy to go into labor in a room full of women. Pretty sure everyone would just explode in excitement. 

- We had two different times of sweet prayers for our upcoming delivery and baby! Sunday morning our group circled up around us and prayed and then that evening my girls dinner group said some sweet prayers for us. It really does make such a huge difference having the support of so many wonderful beautiful people. 

- When we went to the doctor this week, Jack walked right on in and just bellowed out "Good morning, Dr.Cox!" He smiled and said good morning back and the nurses all laughed. It was so sweet. As much as he has seen Dr.Cox in his short little life, Jack probably thinks he is a family member. 

- We have been counting down the days until the due date with a paper chain that the boys and I made together. I am hoping this might give them some idea that we really will be having a baby come live in our house. And so sooon at that! 

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