Tuesday, August 23, 2016

37 Weeks:

We had another ultrasound this week because my fluid levels were looking a little low. Thankfully, again, all looks just fine and we got another sweet look at little one. The ultrasound tech was so excited because she got a good look at baby's ear and she said that is not very common.

I am feeling all the feelings still of being super pregnant. Both physically and emotionally. Physically, I have lots of contractions throughout the day and I feel this baby in my hips much more than I remember feeling with the boys. Walking is much more of a task this time around. Lots of leg, back, and feet aches. And my rib is still so tender and sore.  Emotionally, feelings of "this baby will never be here" to "oh my goodness baby will be here before we know it!" in a matter of seconds. And the constant thought of "what is my action plan if I go into labor now." or "what will I do if my water breaks here" etc.

Doug made the comment that this is the "move-iest" baby we have had. He was sitting across the room and he could see the ripples of my stomach as baby moved all around.

I had a super vivid dream this week that it is a girl. Doug is still thinking boy. And I am thinking girl but I always have thought girl and we have boys so then I come back around to thinking it is a boy. My mental processes are real fun these days.

Speaking of mental processes, Henry got a black eye from wrestling around with Jack this week and my first thought was "this baby can't come until his eye is healed! I don't want pictures of him meeting the baby with a black eye". My mind is a real treat I tell you.

Had a good pregnant cry this week and Henry walked in the room and noticed. As he left the room he asked Doug "What is Mom fussing about?" Doug and I both immediately started laughing and it immediately made me feel so much better.

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Katie said...

so exciting! you look beautiful.