Wednesday, August 17, 2016

36 Weeks:

We had the growth check this week to see how little one is growing. Everything is looking great! And baby already weighs over 6 pounds. It is always such a treat getting to see precious baby. This time we got a really good look at the face and could even see the eyes blinking. It is always so amazing. I think baby looks like Jack! But we will see, in only a few short weeks.

Doug got to feel some really good baby movements the other night. Baby had his/her foot sticking straight out and you could see it through my belly. Again, so amazing. And it never gets old.

I am at the point where I get asked about a million times how I am feeling. I am thankful that I can still say that I still generally feel pretty good. Sure it hurts to walk, my rib is still painful, and I can't get up and down with ease. But really, overall not too bad and I know so many other ladies have it so much worse at this point in pregnancy.

I do have to do a three point turn to turn over in bed at night. I am sure Doug is looking forward to a sharing a bed with someone that does not cause quite as much bed movement in the night.

I am feeling like this baby will come early, but I also think literally every single pregnant lady thinks that. So I am not giving those thoughts too much weight. But I have packed bags just in case.

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