Tuesday, August 2, 2016

34 Weeks:

- I find myself thinking, dreaming, and praying for this new little one all throughout the day. I am getting so excited and ready to meet this baby and to see how he/she fits into our family and our lives. The boys are getting equally excited and possibly confused as to if and when this baby will actually be born.

- We converted Jack's bed back to a crib, cleaned out the van and moved car seats all around, picked out outfits and unpacked the baby toy box. The next morning Jack came out of his room and asked "Where is the baby, Mom?" It is getting more and more real for all of us.

- I think being super pregnant and hot is making for some more symptoms that I never had with the boys. By the end of each day my feet are achy and swollen. And I have been more nauseated at night and just not very hungry in general. Except for sugar after my afternoon naps. Darn my sister for leaving us a huge box of oatmeal cream pies. I hate every single one of those things over the past month.

- Speaking of sleep. I take a nap nearly everyday. I always lay down and think that I will just rest for a bit but always end up sleeping hard for about an hour. I am still getting good sleep at night! Praise Jesus for that.

- Doug commented this week that he thinks this baby moves more than H and J did. I think I agree. It is truthfully hard to remember, but this sweet one really does kick and squirm and move all around. There are times I really think the baby is stretching allllll the way out and it literally changes the entire shape of my stomach. Such a fun thing!

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