Friday, July 29, 2016

33 Weeks:

- So I spilled some water at Braum's and had to ask about five employees to help get a mop to clean it up.  It took me way to long to realize that those poor people probably thought MY water broke. No wonder I had all the blank stares.

- Doug has been getting lots of good kicks and punches in his back when we are sleeping at night and my belly is resting up against his back.

- I have been feeling much more uncomfortable thanks to my sore spot on my stomach that hurts if I am sitting but if I lay down I have heart burn. And then just the general trouble of getting up and down. But that is bound to happen when you have to share your body with an almost five pound baby.

- All the emotions are still in full force most days. Times my eyes have welled with tears this week: Jack pooped two times in about 10 minutes, a lady asked me how I was feeling, and I was just talking to Doug about the lady asking me how I was feeling.

- I tend to have more and more people tell me they think we are having a girl this time. Doug is thinking boy again. And I have no clue. No mother's intuition over here. I am preparing for a boy. But really, just getting to the point where I am really really ready to meet this sweet new member of our family.