Wednesday, July 20, 2016

32 Weeks:

- I walked into my girls dinner group and found a surprise diaper shower waiting for me. Well, actually they had to point it out to me because my brain is not firing on all cylinders. But still, I got tears in my eyes and was so surprised and grateful for their thoughtfulness.

- We ordered bunk beds for the boys. Since this is baby number three the purchases that are made are actually for the older kids, not the baby. So now everyone will have a bed to sleep on and possibly all in the same room. We shall see how that all goes. We also need to order a new car seat for Henry. Again...poor baby just getting leftovers and the oldest getting the fancy new things.

- I am still feeling generally well. Which I am so thankful for. Sleepy for sure, but I would take that over in pain any day.

- 50 more days until the due date!!

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