Friday, July 29, 2016

33 Weeks:

- So I spilled some water at Braum's and had to ask about five employees to help get a mop to clean it up.  It took me way to long to realize that those poor people probably thought MY water broke. No wonder I had all the blank stares.

- Doug has been getting lots of good kicks and punches in his back when we are sleeping at night and my belly is resting up against his back.

- I have been feeling much more uncomfortable thanks to my sore spot on my stomach that hurts if I am sitting but if I lay down I have heart burn. And then just the general trouble of getting up and down. But that is bound to happen when you have to share your body with an almost five pound baby.

- All the emotions are still in full force most days. Times my eyes have welled with tears this week: Jack pooped two times in about 10 minutes, a lady asked me how I was feeling, and I was just talking to Doug about the lady asking me how I was feeling.

- I tend to have more and more people tell me they think we are having a girl this time. Doug is thinking boy again. And I have no clue. No mother's intuition over here. I am preparing for a boy. But really, just getting to the point where I am really really ready to meet this sweet new member of our family.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

32 Weeks:

- I walked into my girls dinner group and found a surprise diaper shower waiting for me. Well, actually they had to point it out to me because my brain is not firing on all cylinders. But still, I got tears in my eyes and was so surprised and grateful for their thoughtfulness.

- We ordered bunk beds for the boys. Since this is baby number three the purchases that are made are actually for the older kids, not the baby. So now everyone will have a bed to sleep on and possibly all in the same room. We shall see how that all goes. We also need to order a new car seat for Henry. Again...poor baby just getting leftovers and the oldest getting the fancy new things.

- I am still feeling generally well. Which I am so thankful for. Sleepy for sure, but I would take that over in pain any day.

- 50 more days until the due date!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weeks 29, 30, 31:

Well here we are in the final 10 week countdown. Oh baby we are so ready to meet you but are happy and thankful that you are still safely growing inside!

- I have been having a lot more pain these past few weeks on my rib. The doctor said that it could possibly "be out". I am not even sure exactly what that means. But I do know that it is painful and that when it is hurting there is really nothing I can do to make it feel better.

- And so many more moments of feeling rather large and in charge. I sat down in a booth the other night and nearly crushed Jack and had to take some good deep breaths to recover. Doug also looooves it when I push myself off his body to get out the bed at night. Which I am doing regularly thanks to all the bathroom trips.

- We have been going to the doctor every two weeks and just loving every single time we get to see the tiny heart beat and sweet head. Which for the record is down. Way to go, baby!

- Jack has just started telling everyone he is having a sister. And rather convincingly at that. Toddler intuition is what that is. Until we have a boy!

- Worst comment: This past weekend a stranger said "I don't want to stand too close to her. It looks like she might pop at any moment" As if I have some terrible contagious disease.

Best comment: I walked into a meeting and an older man just looked at me and said "You are beautiful. Just glowing" Thank you kind, sir.