Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day:

We made homemade pancakes for Doug on Sunday because a special day deserves pancakes not from a box. The boys helped me wrap the random assortment of gifts we had collected for him throughout the week. Face lotion, soap, a Calvin and Hobb's book, a box of cocoa crips, sunflower seeds, socks, and several handmade cards. We brought coffee and gifts into Doug in bed and saved the pancake eating for around the dining room table.

After church we went out to lunch for some bbq. Two full plates of meat and mac and cheese later and we were all stuffed and ready for naps. Our slow afternoon continued with watching sand volleyball on tv and watching the boys make a royal mess of the place and scatter all the toys all over the place. We had dinner at home and then our usual simple evening routine.

It is so easy celebrating a dad like Doug. Our boys are very very blessed and I think they know it.

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