Saturday, June 25, 2016

28 Weeks:

- Hello sleepy faced 28 week pregnant, Danae. I am feeling more tired for sure, especially if I don't get an afternoon rest. I went to the bathroom one evening this week and just couldn't walk all the way back down the hall so I just got in bed. Doug came to find me a little while later. This growing a human thing and keeping up with two humans and surviving 100 degree plus temps apparently makes one tired.

- Jack is becoming so much more aware and sweet about the baby. He will come up to my belly and say "Hi baby. I Jack. Your brother" and at night when I am singing Jack his bedtime song about him he always asks me to sing it to the baby as well. Pretty precious. Henry is still very excited and is concerned about me getting enough protein for the baby. He will tell me I need to eat certain food so the baby will have enough protein to grow. (Maybe he will be a dietician when he grows up)

-The other night I was getting ready for bed and Doug was watching me and just asked "How is my baby doing?" It was so sweet.

- We are having to brainstorm name ideas again for a boy because it is looking like we will have another child joining our extended family soon by adoption with the same name we like. We still might just go with it because we really like the name, but we are definitely having second thoughts. Naming a child is so difficult. Sheesh.

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