Saturday, June 18, 2016

27 Weeks:

- Here we are in the third trimester! We had a doctors appointment this week and he said at the end, "Well we will see you in two weeks." Both Doug and I were a little surprised to hear that we are already at that point in this pregnancy. Since this is our last little one, I have had more mixed emotions about this pregnancy flying by. We are obviously excited for baby to be here and be in our family but I am also a little sad thinking this is my last time to be pregnant. Hopefully this perspective will help get us through these last few months.

- So apparently church is the place to hang out when you are pregnant. This past Sunday we were talking to some people after church and a lady asked when I was due. I told her and she said "Oh my goodness! You are tiny!" Thank you sweet, precious, wonderful lady.

- Every night while singing the boys their bedtime songs I run out of breath. Like having to stop and take a break, out of breath.

- I had my glucose test this week and I accidentally spilled my drink on the receptionist and her computer. That was a fun moment for everyone involved.

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