Wednesday, June 1, 2016

25 Weeks:

- So I laughed seeing how similar this picture is from last week. I think you can tell what my favorite maternity shirt is. Speaking of maternity clothes. I realized that when I was pregnant with H&J we were living at camp and were very rarely able to go to church. Now that we are able to attend church every single Sunday I am having to get really creative with my dress outfits.

- This can also go down as the week that I completely lost it and yelled at my whole family and then cried while making bacon and it took a good 24 hours to recover. Whew. Hormones! It was not pretty and I am so thankful for boys that are super quick to forgive and a husband that literally held me and told me all the nicest things.

- I found a few baby clothes at the thrift store this week and showed Doug when I got home. He commented that they all looked very boy to him. I guess you can say I am still pretty convinced we are having another boy. I told him though we could 'girl' up the clothes with some pink leggings and hair bows. If we do have a girl, the poor girl will have lots of half boy half girl outfits.

- I am not in the third trimester yet, but I sure do feel the third trimester fatigue. I have been sleeping hard every single afternoon for about an hour. It is generally enough to get me through the rest of the day and to my 9 o' clock bedtime.