Wednesday, June 1, 2016

24 Weeks:

- So this week I had a boy dream. Where somehow Doug had found out what we were having and he told me that we would be having a boy. I was still pregnant in the dream.

- We took baby to his/her first concert! Doug and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with dinner and a Leon Bridges concert. The music was so fun and I even stood the whole time without any problem! Doug did graciously give me a foot rub once we were home to breath life back into them.

- I have had some moments of nausea sneak up on me this week. Once I think I was just too hot (already!) and once after the concert. I think I might have swayed back and forth too much.

- We had another appointment this week and it was the fastest doctors appointment I think I have ever been to! In and out in 20 minutes! But really the highlight was being told that everything is still looking great and catching a small glimpse of baby on the small doppler. Baby is turned sideways right now and just over a pound.

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