Sunday, June 26, 2016

Henry 4.5:

Henry, you are such a joy. Things about you we love:

- You are still nature obsessed and tell everyone you want to be a herpotologist when you grow up. And half the time you have to go on and explain what that is because most people have no clue what that is. You love nature books, nature documentaries, and Wild Kratt's. You constantly teach us new things about animals.

- I have noticed more lately that when I am in a conversation with another adult you are generally close by giving your input and telling your stories. It is sweet to see you talk with adults and feel comfortable to share your thoughts.

- You (finally) have started to sleep in your own bed all night long. You made a chart and are diligent to mark the boxes off each morning that you have made it to 6 am without coming to our room at night.

- You tell everyone you are 4 1/2 and we have the same conversation nearly every single day where you go through all your cousins and ask who is the oldest. You also love to tell people you wear size 5T now.

- You don't nap during the day anymore but you do have rest time where you watch your shows. You love all kinds of shows and rotate through them regularly.

- You love to draw animals and color pictures. You sit and work on your artwork for a long time if you are really focused on it. Most of your art is very colorful.

- Our rough moments with you mainly come in the later afternoon when you kinda tired and kinda hungry. We push through to dinner and then you are generally good to go.

- You love puzzles, building houses and forts, and playing memory. You beat me nearly every time we play but have yet gotten to the level of beating Dad consistently. The first few times you lost to Dad we had melt down city because you lost, but overall you have become a much better sport and say "good game" after he wins.

- You are a logical thinker and soak everything up. The other night you were laughing and asked me what in the world we are going to do when we have three kids and only two adults in our family once the baby is born. I told you that we had no idea but that we would figure it out. I also overheard you rattling off intersections around town the other day and they were ones that we don't even talk about all that often. You are always listening and always learning.

- You start every prayer by saying "Good morning, dear Jesus" and it makes me smile every single time.

- You like me to sing you "church songs" at night when I am putting you to bed. So every night we sing Amazing Grace, Great is Thy Faithfulness, and the Doxology. You come to 'big church' with us every Sunday and sit so well. Of course you eat snacks, color, and ask to look at animal pictures on Dad's phone through the whole service. But you are quiet, respectful, and learning things.

- You are a great helper around the house about the half the time. The other half I have to remind you or ask you several times. But when you are in the right mood you will make your bed, empty the dishwasher, start laundry, set the table, and pick up all your toys. I love watching you grow in your independence and learn new things.

- You completed your first year of preschool and had such a great year. Your best friend is Hudson and you love your science class best. It is so fun to see how much you have learned already and you are counting down the days until school starts again.

Jack 2.5 Years:

Oh Jack, you are such a delight! Some things to remember about you at this stage in your life:

- You love to fill up buckets and bags with all your toys and carry them around the house. You also love to line things up. Blocks, plastic animals, the rubber ducks at the library, etc.

- You love diggers and dozers. And playing with your hammer and tools throughout the day. You are a worker and can be found moving around from thing to thing "fixing things" and "building buildings".

- You call downtown "daddy's downtown", you call diaper cream "sour cream",  you love to say "No" every time Dad tells you he loves you.

- You have a lot of emotions and have a hard time when you get in trouble. You push the limits (like all two year olds) but don't handle correction well. The go-to emotions are embarrassment and anger. So we are working through all those fun things with you currently. You also show so many wonderful emotions as well. You give love very easily and love to make us laugh.

- Your teachers at school tell me you are a leader and that the other kids follow you around and play what you are doing. You are also very good at greeting your friends and help keep them in line by telling them where they need to be.

- You eat just about everything. Including olives and mushrooms which neither Henry or Dad do. So thanks for being on my team. You also ask me to make you noodles at least once throughout the day. But really I can't even think of your favorite foods because you eat everything.

- You take one nap in the afternoon for about 1-2 hours. You are going to bed around 7:30 or 8:00. You climbed out of your crib about a month ago so we bit the bullet and moved you to your toddler bed. You have been doing so well! Most nights you sleep in your bed until about 7 am and bedtime we only have to go in a few times generally before you fall asleep. You still sleep with your paci and your beloved blankie.

- You love Weezer and always ask for me to turn it up even when it is already soo loud. Future rock star maybe?

- You love to sing songs and have us sing songs with you. Your go-to songs are ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Star, and My God is so Big.

- You know all your colors, shapes, and can count to 13 or 14. You love the letter "R" and like to point it out to us when you see it around.

- You love to be chased and jump and run. You are a good climber and are a bit reckless when it comes to how you approach life. You are pretty daring and love to just run into things and roll around.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day:

We made homemade pancakes for Doug on Sunday because a special day deserves pancakes not from a box. The boys helped me wrap the random assortment of gifts we had collected for him throughout the week. Face lotion, soap, a Calvin and Hobb's book, a box of cocoa crips, sunflower seeds, socks, and several handmade cards. We brought coffee and gifts into Doug in bed and saved the pancake eating for around the dining room table.

After church we went out to lunch for some bbq. Two full plates of meat and mac and cheese later and we were all stuffed and ready for naps. Our slow afternoon continued with watching sand volleyball on tv and watching the boys make a royal mess of the place and scatter all the toys all over the place. We had dinner at home and then our usual simple evening routine.

It is so easy celebrating a dad like Doug. Our boys are very very blessed and I think they know it.

28 Weeks:

- Hello sleepy faced 28 week pregnant, Danae. I am feeling more tired for sure, especially if I don't get an afternoon rest. I went to the bathroom one evening this week and just couldn't walk all the way back down the hall so I just got in bed. Doug came to find me a little while later. This growing a human thing and keeping up with two humans and surviving 100 degree plus temps apparently makes one tired.

- Jack is becoming so much more aware and sweet about the baby. He will come up to my belly and say "Hi baby. I Jack. Your brother" and at night when I am singing Jack his bedtime song about him he always asks me to sing it to the baby as well. Pretty precious. Henry is still very excited and is concerned about me getting enough protein for the baby. He will tell me I need to eat certain food so the baby will have enough protein to grow. (Maybe he will be a dietician when he grows up)

-The other night I was getting ready for bed and Doug was watching me and just asked "How is my baby doing?" It was so sweet.

- We are having to brainstorm name ideas again for a boy because it is looking like we will have another child joining our extended family soon by adoption with the same name we like. We still might just go with it because we really like the name, but we are definitely having second thoughts. Naming a child is so difficult. Sheesh.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

27 Weeks:

- Here we are in the third trimester! We had a doctors appointment this week and he said at the end, "Well we will see you in two weeks." Both Doug and I were a little surprised to hear that we are already at that point in this pregnancy. Since this is our last little one, I have had more mixed emotions about this pregnancy flying by. We are obviously excited for baby to be here and be in our family but I am also a little sad thinking this is my last time to be pregnant. Hopefully this perspective will help get us through these last few months.

- So apparently church is the place to hang out when you are pregnant. This past Sunday we were talking to some people after church and a lady asked when I was due. I told her and she said "Oh my goodness! You are tiny!" Thank you sweet, precious, wonderful lady.

- Every night while singing the boys their bedtime songs I run out of breath. Like having to stop and take a break, out of breath.

- I had my glucose test this week and I accidentally spilled my drink on the receptionist and her computer. That was a fun moment for everyone involved.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

26 Weeks:

- I have been so so sleepy this week. Thankfully I have been able to get a nap most days and that really does help. But I might have texted Doug this morning and asked if I could just sleep for a whole day. We also have been working on transitioning Jack out of a crib and that has added several interruptions to our night sleep. Hopefully we can all get back on track of good sleep soon.

- The usher at church told me on Sunday that I was glowing. I could have hugged him right there on the spot.

- I think we might be down to two girls names we like. So that is moving in the right direction, right?

- I grabbed my childbirth books off of the shelf for the first time this pregnancy. Even though I have done this before it kinda feels like the first time all over again because having a baby is such a huge thing and labor can, and has been, so different both times. Not that reading a book is going to make it go exactly how I want it to go, but it is helpful to start thinking about how this baby is going to be joining the world.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

25 Weeks:

- So I laughed seeing how similar this picture is from last week. I think you can tell what my favorite maternity shirt is. Speaking of maternity clothes. I realized that when I was pregnant with H&J we were living at camp and were very rarely able to go to church. Now that we are able to attend church every single Sunday I am having to get really creative with my dress outfits.

- This can also go down as the week that I completely lost it and yelled at my whole family and then cried while making bacon and it took a good 24 hours to recover. Whew. Hormones! It was not pretty and I am so thankful for boys that are super quick to forgive and a husband that literally held me and told me all the nicest things.

- I found a few baby clothes at the thrift store this week and showed Doug when I got home. He commented that they all looked very boy to him. I guess you can say I am still pretty convinced we are having another boy. I told him though we could 'girl' up the clothes with some pink leggings and hair bows. If we do have a girl, the poor girl will have lots of half boy half girl outfits.

- I am not in the third trimester yet, but I sure do feel the third trimester fatigue. I have been sleeping hard every single afternoon for about an hour. It is generally enough to get me through the rest of the day and to my 9 o' clock bedtime.

24 Weeks:

- So this week I had a boy dream. Where somehow Doug had found out what we were having and he told me that we would be having a boy. I was still pregnant in the dream.

- We took baby to his/her first concert! Doug and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with dinner and a Leon Bridges concert. The music was so fun and I even stood the whole time without any problem! Doug did graciously give me a foot rub once we were home to breath life back into them.

- I have had some moments of nausea sneak up on me this week. Once I think I was just too hot (already!) and once after the concert. I think I might have swayed back and forth too much.

- We had another appointment this week and it was the fastest doctors appointment I think I have ever been to! In and out in 20 minutes! But really the highlight was being told that everything is still looking great and catching a small glimpse of baby on the small doppler. Baby is turned sideways right now and just over a pound.