Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mother's Day:

 I woke up on Mother's Day to a pool noodle being whacked against my leg. And Doug quickly correcting the boys and telling them not to hit me with the noodle, especially on Mother's Day. I felt like it was the most appropriate way to wake up with these two little ones that I get to be their mom. And I couldn't help but just laugh.

They also made me a sweet card and breakfast and they had hand picked my flowers from our back yard. We went to church and then came back to host a 60th birthday lunch for Karen. It was a surprise and she got on to me for cooking on Mother's Day, but it was truly a celebration for all. We had a yummy lunch and the best cake for dessert.

My gift was not having to cook dinner so we got my favorite greek food to go and ate it at home.

I am highly blessed and forever grateful for the blessing of my sweet boys and all the wonderful moms in my life.

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