Tuesday, May 24, 2016

23 Weeks:

- This week I started to see the belly ripples of baby movements across my stomach. It is always one of my favorite things. I notice most of the movements in the afternoon when I am laying down to read and rest.

- We had a funny conversation with Henry trying to explain to him that Jack will also be a big brother. In his four year old mind, HE IS THE ONLY BIG BROTHER! He takes his job very seriously and is not so sure about sharing the title, but I assured him he will always be the biggest big brother. That seemed to help.

- Hello heartburn! Hello sciatic pain!

- We played Feed the Woozle with the boys and it is a game where you have to move across the room carrying game pieces on a plastic spoon while doing different movements. Let's just say mom almost had an accident as I was trying to get my pieces to the woozle doing the 'bunny hop'.

- This week I have wanted to eat lots of cheese bagels and anything and everything sweet. Especially dark chocolate bars with almonds.

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