Wednesday, May 11, 2016

22 Weeks:

- Oh boy, we had our first super hot day of the summer and it is only the beginning of May. It got up to the 90's! I did tell Emily that I am going to work my hardest at not complaining the entire summer. Complaining will make no difference in the temperature, it will only affect all those around me in a negative way.

- Doug and I celebrated eight years of marriage this week! Growing our third baby is a pretty sweet way to spend our anniversary. He bought me flowers and a key lime pie. The perfect gift for a pregnant lady.

- The super super stuffy nose is still hanging around. Really, such a weird pregnancy symptom.

- I had the most vivid dream that we were having a girl. She came early, but was totally healthy. We named her Addie and I went back to work the next day. Everyone asked why I was there and I told them that the baby was at home with Grandma. I woke up smiling thinking about looking into our baby's sweet face.

- I am starting to have those freak-out moments thinking about having three children. How will I go grocery shopping?? How long will it take me to load and unload three children in car seats?? Where will a third child's laundry fit on our bed when I am folding our weekly laundry?? Where will the baby sleep?? Will the baby sleep?? How will I get all the lunches and bags packed for school each week?? Thankfully, I am able to draw on the experience of knowing that I had all of these exact same thoughts when I was pregnant with Jack and he has just slipped seamlessly into our family life. So it will be the same with this little one. But oh my word...I am going to be so outnumbered during the days!

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