Wednesday, May 4, 2016

21 Weeks:

- We had the "big" ultrasound this week and were so relieved and glad to hear that everything was "perfectly boring" as our doctor said. When it comes to ultrasounds, perfectly boring is exactly what we want. The boys came with us and Henry was in awe pretty much the whole time. Staring at the screen and just smiling. Jack was more interested in the lights but did say "baby" a few times. We tried to get a good look of the the face but baby had hands right up around the face the entire time. I am so thankful for a great report.

- The super stuffy nose is back. This is the weirdest pregnancy symptom to me. I had the same issue early on in the pregnancy and now I think allergies are contributing to the issue, but I would like to be able to breath through my nose again soon if possible.

- Jeanette, Jack, and a lady I work with all told me we were having a boy. Henry goes back and forth every single day. ("I would like a girl though because girls are waaay cuter than boys" Henry). I am pretty confident we are having another boy and I told Teresa that I would be genuinely shocked if we have a girl. Doug is yet to make any predictions.

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