Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Over the Weekend:

Friday night we went over to the Pollet's house for dinner. We loved seeing their new beautiful home. It has the most dreamy backyard and they have the best view of the sunset. We had hamburgers and our first watermelon of the season. The kids played and then Gabriel talked us into playing Quirkle. It was a fun game that last long into the night. We loaded two very sleepy boys in the van and trekked back home. We crashed into bed well past ten.

Saturday we had egg holes, as Henry like to call them, for breakfast. And then we all worked so hard around the house. Doug did lots of yard work and mowed our grass and I worked on organizing our garage (again). We stopped for lunch at Masa Kitchen (the best empanadas) and a trip to Home Depot. We got both boys to miraculously nap in the afternoon and Doug and I continued on our projects. Jack was so tired and so ready for his nap he snuggled up with his blanket in the dryer. Sweet boy who loves his blanket so very much.

We had a fancy meal of Mac and Cheese and fancy sausage for dinner and then put the boys to bed after baths.

Sunday we had church and then lunch at Taco Bueno. More naps and rest time for the boys. I ran to the store to get stuff for our party we were having later and when I got home Doug had cleaned like the entire house! What a champion.

We had a Trader Joe's party that evening. It was the most fun kind of party. Lots of fun friends and so low stress. I made a salad and lemonade and then we had various kinds of Trader Joe's frozen pizza. Everyone else brought whatever fun Trader Joe's treat they wanted to bring. It was just the best night. For the sake of remembering the party (because I forgot to take any pictures of course) those in attendance were: the Odom's, Jackson's, Arnold's, Curzon's, Zorb's, Lawrance's, and Sarah. I think my favorite thing that was brought was the Tuscan cheese from the Zorb's. I think I could have eaten the entire thing.

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