Wednesday, April 27, 2016

20 Weeks:

- I asked Doug to rub my back with a tennis ball. He went to go get the ball and came back with a tennis ball and a toy wooden chicken leg from the boys play kitchen. I laughed as he explained how it was better because it has a handle. He started rubbing my back with the chicken leg and I am officially sold. That chicken leg is coming with us to the hospital and will be sitting on Doug's night stand for the rest of this pregnancy. It is perfect.
- I have had more irritable days this week. Sadly. I think I am just adjusting to my new normal of not being able to bend over easily and I have been feeling sluggish. Add in two (sweet, precious, angels, whom I love with my whole heart) boys who talk non-stop and are not perfectly compliant, and it has made for some mentally challenging moments. We also had severe weather come sweeping through the area so one night we were taking cover in our hallway when we all should have been sleeping. That has not helped in the sleep department.
- I have also had some more spells of nausea. It doesn't last long thankfully, and a bowl of rice chex generally fixes the problem. But it has added to the sluggishness for sure. I just have to remind myself, I AM GROWING A HUMAN LIFE.
-  Half-way done! What a big milestones. I only have a few more months of being pregnant for the rest of my life.
- My feet swelled for the first time this week! I never swelled with the boys, so I was pretty shocked to look down and see some swollen toes. The next day I think I drank a gallon of water and I am sure once the summer heat hits the swollen toes will be my new normal.

And just because it is fun to see the differences, me at 20 weeks with each baby:

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