Saturday, April 23, 2016

19 Weeks:

- This goes down as the week that several people have told me "you finally look pregnant!" and "you have really popped". I guess it is officially noticeable now, and I am totally okay with that.
- We went to Colorado to see family this week and I don't think my pregnant body liked the elevation as much as the flat lands. I had a super puffy face one morning and chugged and chugged water and still rocked a headache one day.
- Jack has started to come over to my belly and say "baby, grownin'?" Always with the sweetest smile. It must be quite confusing to his little mind but it is so precious watching him try to figure it out.
- I almost got stuck in our hotel bed because it was a sleep number bed and it was waaay to soft. There was a little ledge in the mattress and I had to do some crazy acrobatics to just get out of the bed that morning. Thankfully we could change that mattress and make it a flat surface again the next night.
- I squeezed into Bethany's workout clothes and went for a swim in Colorado. Let's just say, I kept reminding myself "I will never see these people again".

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