Tuesday, April 12, 2016

18 Weeks:

Note to self: Take pictures later when the day when I don't look sooo sleepy like I did last week.

Moving on.

This week:
- so many more sweet little baby kicks and squirms felt. They are still pretty light in comparison to what I know is coming later, but still there none the less and still so wonderful.
- I had a really vivid dream that someone handed us a sonogram and it showed twins. I quickly told Doug. We freaked out. And then I looked at the top of the sonogram and it was some other ladies name. Not our babies. Phew.
- I have wanted to eat kalamata olives every single day this week.
- I did the silliest workout video but it really did make my whole body feel much better. Lots of step touches and leg kicks. I am just not sure how often I will be able to endure the cheesy-ness of the whole video. She said the same thing about a million times and had the biggest fake smile plastered on her face the entire time.
- Still talking through baby names. We are 99% sure of the boy name...but girl. A whole other story. We have had different girl names we liked with both Henry and Jack and now the girl names we are talking about this time are also all different. We had a girl name that I would say we were 65% sure of and then in church on Sunday another name kept popping into my head. I told Doug on the way home from church and he told me that we are for sure having a boy now because I flip flopped on our girl name. I would be totally fine adding another little boy to this mix. Plus, I would never have to share my queen of the house status with anyone.

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