Wednesday, April 6, 2016

17 Weeks:

I had another wonderfully uneventful appointment this past week. My new OB uses this handheld doppler that has a tiny screen where we can see the baby. So little, but still so sweet and fun to see what we can. My doctor kindly asked where the rest of my crew was when I walked into the office alone. He told me that he likes when they come with me and it made me like him even more. I did use the appointment as a time to read my book and eat snacks without having to share.

Jeanette told me I almost look like I am pregnant and it made me laugh. I feel like I am very much sticking out there, but I understand what she was saying. Still not quite to the point where the entire world knows that I am in fact pregnant. I am wearing more maternity shirts but so far all my jeans are still fitting. So yes, I know that I am still just very barely showing and that I have a whole lot of growing to do.

I was laying on the couch resting this afternoon and just kept thinking about that moment when the baby will be born and we find out who he/she is. It is so easy for me to replay those memories with Henry and Jack and it just brings me so much excitement thinking about doing it all for a third time.

Keep growing sweet little one, you are already so much apart of our family and we love you so!

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