Wednesday, April 27, 2016

20 Weeks:

- I asked Doug to rub my back with a tennis ball. He went to go get the ball and came back with a tennis ball and a toy wooden chicken leg from the boys play kitchen. I laughed as he explained how it was better because it has a handle. He started rubbing my back with the chicken leg and I am officially sold. That chicken leg is coming with us to the hospital and will be sitting on Doug's night stand for the rest of this pregnancy. It is perfect.
- I have had more irritable days this week. Sadly. I think I am just adjusting to my new normal of not being able to bend over easily and I have been feeling sluggish. Add in two (sweet, precious, angels, whom I love with my whole heart) boys who talk non-stop and are not perfectly compliant, and it has made for some mentally challenging moments. We also had severe weather come sweeping through the area so one night we were taking cover in our hallway when we all should have been sleeping. That has not helped in the sleep department.
- I have also had some more spells of nausea. It doesn't last long thankfully, and a bowl of rice chex generally fixes the problem. But it has added to the sluggishness for sure. I just have to remind myself, I AM GROWING A HUMAN LIFE.
-  Half-way done! What a big milestones. I only have a few more months of being pregnant for the rest of my life.
- My feet swelled for the first time this week! I never swelled with the boys, so I was pretty shocked to look down and see some swollen toes. The next day I think I drank a gallon of water and I am sure once the summer heat hits the swollen toes will be my new normal.

And just because it is fun to see the differences, me at 20 weeks with each baby:

Saturday, April 23, 2016

19 Weeks:

- This goes down as the week that several people have told me "you finally look pregnant!" and "you have really popped". I guess it is officially noticeable now, and I am totally okay with that.
- We went to Colorado to see family this week and I don't think my pregnant body liked the elevation as much as the flat lands. I had a super puffy face one morning and chugged and chugged water and still rocked a headache one day.
- Jack has started to come over to my belly and say "baby, grownin'?" Always with the sweetest smile. It must be quite confusing to his little mind but it is so precious watching him try to figure it out.
- I almost got stuck in our hotel bed because it was a sleep number bed and it was waaay to soft. There was a little ledge in the mattress and I had to do some crazy acrobatics to just get out of the bed that morning. Thankfully we could change that mattress and make it a flat surface again the next night.
- I squeezed into Bethany's workout clothes and went for a swim in Colorado. Let's just say, I kept reminding myself "I will never see these people again".

Trip to Colorado:

We drove up to Colorado to spend a few days with my parents and Jack and Bethany. We left after school on Thursday and pulled into our hotel super late. Henry had the biggest sweetest smile when he woke up and realized that we were finally at the hotel! With the mountain time change and very excited boys we woke up early the next morning. So early in fact, we had to wait for the breakfast room to open. But once we were there, Henry and Jack were very impressed with the hotel breakfast. Henry even claimed it was the best breakfast place he has ever been to.

After breakfast we headed up to Bethany and Jack's. Jack had a doctor's appointment and some errands to run so Doug joined him. And Bethany and the boys and I walked across the street and grabbed coffee and headed to a park. The weather was generally miserable the entire time we were there. But we made the best of it. We headed back and made tacos for lunch and shortly after Mom and Dad got in! After lunch we headed to Devil's Backbone and did a short hike. It rained the entire time and was rather cold, but we all still managed to have a great time. The boys did great, even though they walked at a snail's pace. Which is understandable when there is so much to see and explore. We headed back and got in dry clothes and ate pizza for dinner. We headed back to the hotel after dinner and I am pretty sure I was asleep at 8:00 pm.

Saturday Doug, Jack,and my Dad went out to breakfast. And I was told it was a good time. The girls went out in the afternoon for another coffee stop and some shopping. We were even able to squeeze in a Goodwill visit, where mom bought a vacuum. Naturally. Then we blew the boys minds and went to an indoor pool that had a toddler swim area. Henry loved the big slides. Jack loved giving us heart attacks and wanted to walk around all alone with zero guidance. But we really did all have a great time. Jack made chili for dinner and we put the sleepy boys to bed at their apartment so we could play some games.

Sunday we woke up to snow everywhere! It was beautiful and Henry was focused the rest of the day on throwing snowballs at Dad any chance he got. We met everyone at church and then talked them all into joining us out for lunch after the service. We had yummy hamburgers and fries at Roost and then headed back for naps. After we all slept for a while we headed out to another park. It was colder and windier than our first park visit so Jack and I ended up in the car. Henry seemed to be not phased by the cold for the most part and at one point carried a giant snow chunk across a field in order to throw it at Doug. Dad, Jack, and Doug were bundled up and went on a 4 mile walk around town and down the train tracks. Bethany made a great shrimp stir fry for dinner and we sat around the living room talking and watching you tube music videos.

It was a fast trip, but a full one. Full of good conversations, rest, time away, and good food. It was just what we all needed. Sure it took us the rest of the week to recover, but it sure was worth it all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

18 Weeks:

Note to self: Take pictures later when the day when I don't look sooo sleepy like I did last week.

Moving on.

This week:
- so many more sweet little baby kicks and squirms felt. They are still pretty light in comparison to what I know is coming later, but still there none the less and still so wonderful.
- I had a really vivid dream that someone handed us a sonogram and it showed twins. I quickly told Doug. We freaked out. And then I looked at the top of the sonogram and it was some other ladies name. Not our babies. Phew.
- I have wanted to eat kalamata olives every single day this week.
- I did the silliest workout video but it really did make my whole body feel much better. Lots of step touches and leg kicks. I am just not sure how often I will be able to endure the cheesy-ness of the whole video. She said the same thing about a million times and had the biggest fake smile plastered on her face the entire time.
- Still talking through baby names. We are 99% sure of the boy name...but girl. A whole other story. We have had different girl names we liked with both Henry and Jack and now the girl names we are talking about this time are also all different. We had a girl name that I would say we were 65% sure of and then in church on Sunday another name kept popping into my head. I told Doug on the way home from church and he told me that we are for sure having a boy now because I flip flopped on our girl name. I would be totally fine adding another little boy to this mix. Plus, I would never have to share my queen of the house status with anyone.

Over the Weekend:

Friday night we went over to the Pollet's house for dinner. We loved seeing their new beautiful home. It has the most dreamy backyard and they have the best view of the sunset. We had hamburgers and our first watermelon of the season. The kids played and then Gabriel talked us into playing Quirkle. It was a fun game that last long into the night. We loaded two very sleepy boys in the van and trekked back home. We crashed into bed well past ten.

Saturday we had egg holes, as Henry like to call them, for breakfast. And then we all worked so hard around the house. Doug did lots of yard work and mowed our grass and I worked on organizing our garage (again). We stopped for lunch at Masa Kitchen (the best empanadas) and a trip to Home Depot. We got both boys to miraculously nap in the afternoon and Doug and I continued on our projects. Jack was so tired and so ready for his nap he snuggled up with his blanket in the dryer. Sweet boy who loves his blanket so very much.

We had a fancy meal of Mac and Cheese and fancy sausage for dinner and then put the boys to bed after baths.

Sunday we had church and then lunch at Taco Bueno. More naps and rest time for the boys. I ran to the store to get stuff for our party we were having later and when I got home Doug had cleaned like the entire house! What a champion.

We had a Trader Joe's party that evening. It was the most fun kind of party. Lots of fun friends and so low stress. I made a salad and lemonade and then we had various kinds of Trader Joe's frozen pizza. Everyone else brought whatever fun Trader Joe's treat they wanted to bring. It was just the best night. For the sake of remembering the party (because I forgot to take any pictures of course) those in attendance were: the Odom's, Jackson's, Arnold's, Curzon's, Zorb's, Lawrance's, and Sarah. I think my favorite thing that was brought was the Tuscan cheese from the Zorb's. I think I could have eaten the entire thing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

17 Weeks:

I had another wonderfully uneventful appointment this past week. My new OB uses this handheld doppler that has a tiny screen where we can see the baby. So little, but still so sweet and fun to see what we can. My doctor kindly asked where the rest of my crew was when I walked into the office alone. He told me that he likes when they come with me and it made me like him even more. I did use the appointment as a time to read my book and eat snacks without having to share.

Jeanette told me I almost look like I am pregnant and it made me laugh. I feel like I am very much sticking out there, but I understand what she was saying. Still not quite to the point where the entire world knows that I am in fact pregnant. I am wearing more maternity shirts but so far all my jeans are still fitting. So yes, I know that I am still just very barely showing and that I have a whole lot of growing to do.

I was laying on the couch resting this afternoon and just kept thinking about that moment when the baby will be born and we find out who he/she is. It is so easy for me to replay those memories with Henry and Jack and it just brings me so much excitement thinking about doing it all for a third time.

Keep growing sweet little one, you are already so much apart of our family and we love you so!