Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Over The Weekend:

We had a pretty perfect weekend. Friday Doug texted and suggested that the boys and I come downtown for dinner. It was the perfect treat out even if Doug's food was not very good. 

Saturday morning we made bacon and waffles. Grandma Karen had arranged to come pick up Henry for special time together. So we had special time with just Jack. We went to the aquarium and were so thankful for the season passes because we literally were there for about 30 minutes. Jack loved it, but looks at things at a pretty fast pace. We went to a bakery and got doughnuts and sausage rolls. We had lunch at home and we all three got naps! 

Grandma brought Henry back with a bag of treats and a big smile. He had the best time going to Target and the car wash. They had lunch at Chick-fa-la and then spent good time playing at her house. 

The weather was perfect, so we found ourselves just playing and sitting outside. Doug worked on setting up a sound system in our living room. He was literally digging through his closet and the garage piecing everything together. He is so proud of his work and now our music is sooo loud. 

We put the boys to bed and then Doug agreed to watch the intern with me even though he really does not like Anne Hathaway. True love. 

Sunday morning, Henry and I went on a walk. We ate pancakes. Church was the best. Lunch at Taco Buneo. Naps. More playing outside time. And then we ended the weekend with a frozen pizza party with Jon, Libby and Sam. (Emily was in Milwaukee. We missed you!). It really is maybe my favorite way to wrap up a weekend. 

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