Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016:

We woke up and had cinnamon rolls (shaped like bunnies!) and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Doug made my wish came true and we blasted Keith Green's "Easter Song" as we made breakfast. Then the fast scramble to get us all ready for church began. We attended the traditional service because it is my favorite and because I never tire of singing the doxology with the choir and orchestra. It lasts like 20 seconds, but I cry every time. We ended the service singing "Because He Lives", another tear inducing song. 

We came home and started lunch preparations. Emily and Karen both came for lunch! I made Ina Garten's salmon and it was so perfect and good. Doug even told me he would pay good money for it in a restaurant (maybe my favorite food compliment). Emily brought our favorite salad and Karen made her hash brown casserole which I could eat for days. It was so simple but so satisfying. 

Doug hopped in carrying the boys Easter baskets. The boys favorite item were those sticky animals. They have played with them non-stop. Other favorites were their new shovels, play dough, and Annie's bunny fruit snacks. It was so cold and still wet from the morning rain, so we hid all the eggs inside. They filled their little baskets with the help of all four adults coaching them around the rooms. Mini peanut butter cups and gummy fish candy were the favorite. 

The adults enjoyed lemon cake and coffee while the boys dug through the eggs. And then off to naps and rest time. 

We had such a special and simple day. My most favorite kind. Happy Easter! 

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