Thursday, March 31, 2016

Baby #3!! 16 Weeks:

So we have been a bit busy over here in our house. Especially me. Growing another little human! I woke up on Sunday January 3rd and snuck to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. I had a small suspicion that I was maybe pregnant. [naps in the afternoons, super stuffy nose, an overly emotional reaction to soup, an especially cranky day when Doug was sick]. It immediately turned positive and I immediately rushed into our room and slipped into bed next to Doug and whispered "I am pregnant". We were both overjoyed!

So here we are...16 weeks along with our third little one. In the spirit of documenting all the things here is the cliff notes version of the first trimester:
- We told Henry and Jack around week 8. Henry was so excited and Jack just kept looking at his belly for a baby. The next day at school every single person in his class knew because he was telling the world.
- Our nightly routine became put the boys to bed and then I immediately crawled into our bed. Doug lovingly laid with me and we watched Top Chef episodes and stayed warm through January and February with our little space heater running in our room. I fell asleep in bed every single night around 8:00.
- No throw-up [thank you Jesus], but lots of nauseous. Especially in the afternoons. No food aversions. If anything, I just wanted lots of food all the time. Especially food made for me by someone else with more energy than myself or from a restaurant. The nauseous has stuck around longer this time as well. Here at 16 weeks I still have trouble every once in a while.
- Stronger cravings this time around then the others. But the cravings are all over the place. Key lime pie has been the most reoccurring craving. The other main cravings have been hamburgers and french fries, Jimmy John's tuna sandwiches , honey graham cereal, hummus and pita, and Mazzio's salad bar.
- The fatigue. Oh, the fatigue. I get more tired with each baby and I think it is due in large part to number of children outside my womb I am tending to during the day.
- Vivid pregnancy dreams are back! Ugh. The other night I dreamed I went back to high school to play basketball so I could be homecoming queen. I was sitting on the bench during a game and I leaned over to my coach to tell her I was pregnant. But the doctor had given me permission to play basketball. Oh boy. These dreams are so strange.
- Just within this past week I have started to feel more little tiny movements. This morning Doug had his hand on my belly for a while and felt little signs of life in there.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016:

We woke up and had cinnamon rolls (shaped like bunnies!) and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Doug made my wish came true and we blasted Keith Green's "Easter Song" as we made breakfast. Then the fast scramble to get us all ready for church began. We attended the traditional service because it is my favorite and because I never tire of singing the doxology with the choir and orchestra. It lasts like 20 seconds, but I cry every time. We ended the service singing "Because He Lives", another tear inducing song. 

We came home and started lunch preparations. Emily and Karen both came for lunch! I made Ina Garten's salmon and it was so perfect and good. Doug even told me he would pay good money for it in a restaurant (maybe my favorite food compliment). Emily brought our favorite salad and Karen made her hash brown casserole which I could eat for days. It was so simple but so satisfying. 

Doug hopped in carrying the boys Easter baskets. The boys favorite item were those sticky animals. They have played with them non-stop. Other favorites were their new shovels, play dough, and Annie's bunny fruit snacks. It was so cold and still wet from the morning rain, so we hid all the eggs inside. They filled their little baskets with the help of all four adults coaching them around the rooms. Mini peanut butter cups and gummy fish candy were the favorite. 

The adults enjoyed lemon cake and coffee while the boys dug through the eggs. And then off to naps and rest time. 

We had such a special and simple day. My most favorite kind. Happy Easter! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Playing in Puddles:

A few weeks ago we had some flash flooding. We were out driving when the rains were coming down so by the time we got home our backyard was perfectly flooded for puddle jumping. We changed into shorts and shirts and played in the rain. It was soo cold! So I did not get too wet. But all three boys were fully wet by the end of the time. Henry played the longest and the hardest and I truly don't know how he did not freeze his booty off! We had several rainbows popping up in the sky. It was a cold, fun, wet way to end our day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Over The Weekend:

We had a pretty perfect weekend. Friday Doug texted and suggested that the boys and I come downtown for dinner. It was the perfect treat out even if Doug's food was not very good. 

Saturday morning we made bacon and waffles. Grandma Karen had arranged to come pick up Henry for special time together. So we had special time with just Jack. We went to the aquarium and were so thankful for the season passes because we literally were there for about 30 minutes. Jack loved it, but looks at things at a pretty fast pace. We went to a bakery and got doughnuts and sausage rolls. We had lunch at home and we all three got naps! 

Grandma brought Henry back with a bag of treats and a big smile. He had the best time going to Target and the car wash. They had lunch at Chick-fa-la and then spent good time playing at her house. 

The weather was perfect, so we found ourselves just playing and sitting outside. Doug worked on setting up a sound system in our living room. He was literally digging through his closet and the garage piecing everything together. He is so proud of his work and now our music is sooo loud. 

We put the boys to bed and then Doug agreed to watch the intern with me even though he really does not like Anne Hathaway. True love. 

Sunday morning, Henry and I went on a walk. We ate pancakes. Church was the best. Lunch at Taco Buneo. Naps. More playing outside time. And then we ended the weekend with a frozen pizza party with Jon, Libby and Sam. (Emily was in Milwaukee. We missed you!). It really is maybe my favorite way to wrap up a weekend.