Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jack Lately:

- Two-year old Jack is so different from two-year old Henry. I am not sure why this is surprising to me, since they are two different kids. But it is! He is definite and disobedient just like all two year olds, but his style is much more passive. I was asking him to move out of the way of Henry who was trying to hit a ball off his tee, and Jack just looked at me and moved closer to the tee. Not a loud objection. But pushing those limits for sure. As soon as I moved him he lost it and cried uncontrollably. He breaks almost to easily. Strapping him in car seats and holding my hand in the parking lot are also all out battles basically every time we try to do either thing.

- Despite the troubles of being two, he is just so funny and sweet. He loves cuddles and sitting with us. He makes us laugh with his goofy expressions. He is also so kind and caring. Every single time someone sneezes he says "-ess you" and tonight after dinner he said "Mom...Mom..Mom..Mom...thanks for dinner!". Unprovoked! He is also a great helper the majority of the time. Getting him to clean up around the house is generally pretty easy and he is quick to carry groceries in the house, empty the bath toys into the tub, and put his clothes away in his hamper.

- We recently remembered to introduce him to the wonderful world of Elmo videos. He loves to watch different videos on youtube and it has become quite the fight between Henry (who always wants animals videos) and Jack (who always wants "mel-mo" videos). Our favorites are Elmo and Norah Jones, Elmo and Ricky Gervais, and Elmo and Adam Sandler.

- We are still being woken up basically every night by the little guy. He needs his paci, or water, or is scared, or his teeth hurt, or he wants socks, basically we never know what he will need. Thankfully he generally goes back to sleep fairly quickly, but we still have several nights where he ends up in our bed with us. (They are only little once, right!!) We never sleep great, but he always coos and puts his face on mine once he is finally in the bed with us.

- He is just the cutest. I get told this allll the time. In fact someone the other day asked me how we discipline him because he is just so darn cute. It is a challenge for sure.