Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Henry Lately:

- We made snake valentines for his class party. I had to step back several times from trying to get him to decorate them just how I wanted them to be done. He did a great job. And I loved watching him figure out how he wanted them to look. Even if one did have the number 100 written on it. For no obvious reason.

- He is quite the talker. Especially in the car! Like non-stop talking from the time we load up to when we get home. Doug and I find ourselves shaking our heads laughing at what he comes up with to keep the talking going.

- The animal obsession is only getting more intense. The other day he literally rolled over and woke up and said "Hey Dad, how much venom does a rattlesnake have?". He also asked Doug the other day on the phone "Why do hedgehogs roll up into a ball?". His science teacher at school told us that she had prepared a lesson on groundhogs to teach the class. Henry kept raising his hands and spouting out more facts that she said he ended up teaching the class. He literally told the class every fact she had written down to share. He loves basically all animals but the favorites are definitely snakes. He is now telling us he wants to be a herpetologist when he grows up.

- His favorite things to play at home are cutting up paper into a million little pieces and/or piling all of the pillows from around the house in the living room and jumping off the couch. We do each of these things every single day.

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