Wednesday, January 27, 2016


- We have been listening to classical music every afternoon. It keeps me calm during the most not-very-calm hours of the day. And drinking a warm drink every afternoon to warm my bones and hands from our cold house. 

- I have made the same butternut squash soup about a million times it is just that good. I like it way better than Doug does, but he is not really a soup for a meal person. 

- We have been taking advantage of any sunny warmish days we have and playing outside. I have to fight the boys over and over and over to actually stay outside and play. But I am generally up for the fight. 

- Doug and I watched season 12 of Top Chef together, and as usual, they did not pick who I thought should win. And we generally end each night with an episode of Seinfeld. 

- Jack has been battling double ear infections for a while, but I think we have medicine working this time. His talking has taken off in the past few days! I think maybe he has just not been hearing well for a while. 

- So much of this stage in life is our simple routine. Especially during the weeks. School, grocery shopping, show watching in the afternoon, making dinner, running out to tackle Dad once he gets home, eating dinner together, running and wrestling in the front room after the dishes are cleaned up, reading books, sometimes a bath, and bed. The house quiet and calm and dark by 7:30. It is a sweet routine that I don't mind one bit.  

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