Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Celebrating the Season:

We had just the very best Christmas season. One that was perfectly full of celebrations with dear ones. We had our annual friendsgiving out at the Ranch. We laughed so hard and ate really good food, like we normally do. The girls sat at one end of the table and the boys were at the other. We have learned this is the best seating arrangement for optimal conversations. After dinner we played games and laughed even more. Doug and I drove home late that night with full hearts and bellies.

Northwestern had a client appreciation night and we took the boys downtown for some ice skating, crafts, cookies, and a Santa sighting. Downtown was pretty magical with all the twinkling lights.

We had Doug's work Christmas party at his boss's house. Doug ate some clams! I avoided them and ate the other safer appetizers. We basically stayed in the same room and talked with Blake and Jess. We left with some of the best sugar cookies ever as favors and sore feet from my too tight heels.

I had a ladies dinner with the ladies on  Doug's side of the family. Karen made quiche and soup and we went around the table and talked about things we accomplished this past year that we are proud of. It is always a good time to actually talk since no children are allowed. And I always love hearing what other's have accomplished. It is also so good to think back on the things that I have done that I am proud of.

Henry and Jack loved celebrating Christmas at school. They both came home with the sweetest crafts and Henry had his first ever Christmas program. He was so big standing up on the stage. He was a little "too cool for school" and hardly sang any of the songs. But he sure did look cute up there with his little sheep hat.

The Odom's came over one night to watch the Bill Murphy Christmas Special. We inhaled an entire soft pretzel ring with cheese and drank egg nog. We each took a section of our huge couch and watched the special. It was perfectly calming and relaxing. Jack did not want to miss out on the fun and cried until I came to get him. He joined our corner of the couch for a while.

We attended the Christmas Eve service at church. We were frantically running out the door and got there late. We struggled to find seats for us all. But once we were all there and sitting we were so pleased to had made it happen. I cried through the last few songs while watching Henry hold his lit candle so high with the rest of the sanctuary. It was a very powerful and peaceful moment. Jack wiggled around so he got the boot to the lobby with Dad for a lot of the service. Overall though, it was such a special night. The perfect end to our holiday celebrations!

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