Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Celebrating the Boys:

We had so much fun celebrating the boys birthdays this year. They each woke up to birthday balloons and streamers on their actual birthdays. Doug took Henry to the doughnut shop for his annual doughnut with Dad. Poor Jack had to settle for a Quick Trip doughnut because all doughnut shops were closed on Thanksgiving. He did not seem to mind to much.

We invited several friends over for cinnamon rolls and a simple party. We had so much fun playing with our friends and the adults enjoyed being able to talk around the table with coffee and sugary treats. It was a fun and low-key party with some of our very favorites.

That afternoon we went to Brad and Jeanette's and celebrated with the family. All the boys were present and it was only mildly chaotic with so many children running around. We had cupcakes and enjoyed celebrating all together.

These little ones are so easy to celebrate. What a huge blessing to be able to celebrate with so many dear friends and family members!

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