Thursday, December 17, 2015

Two Year Old Jack!!

You love to do anything that Henry is doing. But you also play alone quite well. Recently you have been going to gather your tools from the tool box and going around various places in the house and you "go to work" hammering and sawing away.

You run down the hallway every day yelling "Hennnnnnnnnnnrey" to pick him up from school. You almost always give each other the biggest hugs.

At one of your parties you were off playing well with kids and I was in the den talking to some friends. At one point you came in the room and just crawled in my lap for a second to give me a hug. Then you were off to play again. You also regularly stand up in the grocery cart in the store and ask to "cuddle me" which means you just want a hug. And in the middle of the night if you wake up and want to get in bed with us you ask to "cuddle with dada" and how do we say no to that??

You love to play with babies when they come over and at school. You get down on their level and talk some quietly and kindly. You are also so good at finding age appropriate toys for the littler ones. When we are out in public you make sure to point out all babies we pass.

You have the craziest fastest growing stick straight hair. I think I might have had something to do with that. In fact you continue to look just like me as a toddler. You are just missing pig tails.

You ask "what's that for?" about a million times every day.

You are at the wonderfully challenging age of hating to get in your car seat, refusing to hold hands in the park lot but insisting on walking everywhere, and boycotting the grocery cart. So you can say our outings are a ball of fun these days.

You and Dad play this game every day where he asks you if you have had any kisses all day and you always say in the best way ever "nooooo" and then he kisses you lots and lots.

You are a helper in your class and make sure all the kids are in line and doing what they are suppose to do. You don't like when kids are fighting and you work hard to keep the peace.

You smile easily, unless someone other than me or dad are taking your picture. Than you have a stone cold face.

Dad took you to get a doughnut on your birthday so now you think you can just ask him to take you to get a doughnut at any time and he will go. You regularly tell him to get his keys to go to the car so you can go get a doughnut.

You are so goofy and funny. Even when you are being disobedient.

We love you, Jackie boy!! You are a delight!

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