Thursday, December 17, 2015

Two Year Old Jack!!

You love to do anything that Henry is doing. But you also play alone quite well. Recently you have been going to gather your tools from the tool box and going around various places in the house and you "go to work" hammering and sawing away.

You run down the hallway every day yelling "Hennnnnnnnnnnrey" to pick him up from school. You almost always give each other the biggest hugs.

At one of your parties you were off playing well with kids and I was in the den talking to some friends. At one point you came in the room and just crawled in my lap for a second to give me a hug. Then you were off to play again. You also regularly stand up in the grocery cart in the store and ask to "cuddle me" which means you just want a hug. And in the middle of the night if you wake up and want to get in bed with us you ask to "cuddle with dada" and how do we say no to that??

You love to play with babies when they come over and at school. You get down on their level and talk some quietly and kindly. You are also so good at finding age appropriate toys for the littler ones. When we are out in public you make sure to point out all babies we pass.

You have the craziest fastest growing stick straight hair. I think I might have had something to do with that. In fact you continue to look just like me as a toddler. You are just missing pig tails.

You ask "what's that for?" about a million times every day.

You are at the wonderfully challenging age of hating to get in your car seat, refusing to hold hands in the park lot but insisting on walking everywhere, and boycotting the grocery cart. So you can say our outings are a ball of fun these days.

You and Dad play this game every day where he asks you if you have had any kisses all day and you always say in the best way ever "nooooo" and then he kisses you lots and lots.

You are a helper in your class and make sure all the kids are in line and doing what they are suppose to do. You don't like when kids are fighting and you work hard to keep the peace.

You smile easily, unless someone other than me or dad are taking your picture. Than you have a stone cold face.

Dad took you to get a doughnut on your birthday so now you think you can just ask him to take you to get a doughnut at any time and he will go. You regularly tell him to get his keys to go to the car so you can go get a doughnut.

You are so goofy and funny. Even when you are being disobedient.

We love you, Jackie boy!! You are a delight!

Four Year Old Henry!

You have basically excluded all non-fiction books out of your bedtime rotation and only want to look at animal books. Every time we go to Goodwill you run over the the paperback book bin and dig through frantically to find a new animal book. Thanks to these trips, you have quite the collection of nature books.

You are finished with your first semester as a preschooler!! Your teacher always smiles so sweetly and tells me how well you are doing in class. She also pointed out that you are one of the only kids that has not rubbed your name off your sticker on your class room rug because you are hardly ever sitting on your actual spot and you move all the time. Your best friend at school is Hudson and you like to play dragons and dino trucks together at recess.

You are very talkative and there are many days that I don't think you stop. Especially when we are driving. You talk non-stop as we drive to school and around town. You love to talk about past memories and are constantly talking about places we have gone and things we have done together as we pass locations around town.

Every evening when Dad gets home from work you go back to our room and tell him all about your day while he gets changed out of his suit. I have tried to come back there before but you quickly ask me to leave so you can just talk to dad by yourself.

You love to paint and draw and you can write your name perfectly. Your favorite thing to draw at the moment are airplanes and people. You have also started scribbling as if you were writing words. You are always kind enough to tell me what it is you are writing.

You still love to dig in your "construction site" in our back yard with shovels and dump trucks and you still say you want to be a construction worker when you grow up.

Your new favorite foods this season are corn muffins and pomegranates. And you still eat so well. Thank you for not making us battle you on that!

You are a very kind boy. At least one time throughout the day you tell us how much you love us. Or how beautiful I am. And you regularly thank me for making your meals (without us having to remind you!). You hate it when Jack gets in trouble and are very encouraging to him to stop his bad behavior. You have such a kind spirit.

You are also funny and love to tell us anytime you make a girl laugh at school. When we ask you what you did to make them laugh, generally you tell us you made a funny face and then fell down to the ground. Physical humor at it's finest.

You are continuing to learn and grow in your role as big brother to Jack. At the Thanksgiving service at church this year you wanted to take care of Jack all alone. And you did a great job! You were patient and calm and quiet with him. You would come and get his snacks and blanket and reminded him to be quiet. You even put your arm around him several times to show your care. You won everyone within view that night. You have your own games you play with him. Such as, if Jack says the word "backpack" you tickle him. That is a game no one else plays with him and frankly a game that we really have no clue what it means. Sure you disagree and fight over toys. But so many times we see you work hard at being a fun older brother.

Happy 4th Birthday, Henry! You are a treasure!!