Thursday, November 19, 2015

One Year!

One year ago Doug accepted the position at NW Mutual. As with so many life transitions these milestones cause reflection. Especially this transition and this career change because this was not what we were looking for. We were not on the hunt for a 100% commission job. Shocking, I know.

The crazy and wonderful thing about this whole process has been watching the Lord gently lead us down this very scary and very unknown path. From the first time Doug walked into the building to this very day, we have felt the Lord just pushing and calling us to do something so scary, so unsafe, and frankly something so hard.

Especially when you compare it to what we were leaving. New Life literally felt like a safe cocoon in so many ways. Our home, friends, job, etc. We were ready to leave, but it was still a very scary step out of the comfort zone of what we had known for nearly five years.

The past year has been a year full of suits and ironing dress shirts weekly, meetings, praying and waiting, lots of hard work, tears, worry, and seeing the Lord's goodness and faithfulness each and every month.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015:

photo cred: Henry Castle 

Our Halloween costumes this year are brought to you from our local Goodwill store. And they might be two of my favorite finds ever. The boys have been taking them on and off since we got them and the fact of the matter is animal costumes are my very favorite costumes. Especially at this age. Perhaps by the time the boys are gone we will have an entire zoo of costumes (all bought for the cheap cheap).

We had a pretty perfect Halloween this year in my opinion. We had the crazy idea to start our day with pumpkin doughnuts and sausage rolls. Jack loved his pumpkin doughnut and Henry scarfed down Doug's blueberry cake doughnut before we could even stop him.

After a lunch of leftovers and a nap for the littlest Castle, we assembled our little animals and headed to our church's harvest festival. There were soo many people and soo many lines but we pressed on and stood in line and gathered candy in our buckets. It literally felt like we herding animals through the crowds but we had the best time. And one older man looked at Jack and said "Oh, what a cute little zebra" and I just couldn't not correct him because he is obviously not a zebra.

The ride home did get a little rocky with a meltdown from the oldest because his shoe got stuck in his costume and the littlest because I would not give him a THIRD sucker.

We headed to the Chalker's house for chili and watching a baseball game. It was so so great being with all of them again. The boys helped hand out candy and at one point Henry told me he was having such a fun time with all the trick or treaters. They were never scared of the sometimes quite scary costumes that came through. One group of teenagers had a boy dressed up in a scary gorilla costume with a mask. He took his mask of and looked at the boys and said "It's okay, I am just a kid like you all". It was just the sweetest thing ever and I  hope our boys grow up to be so kind and considerate.

This morning Henry woke up and told Doug he had a fun Halloween and that it is still okay to eat Halloween candy even if Halloween is over. And Jack asked for his bucket of candy. So I would say it was a success!