Friday, October 23, 2015

Post Nap Jack:

His paci and blanket are never far away and a request for a "nack" (snack) is generally one of the first things he asks for upon waking up.

We are down to one nap a day without even realizing it. I am beginning to realize that with the second child the things that were such a huge deal just tend to happen with the second. Weaning, I remember researching and worrying about Henry. Jack, I can't even remember the weaning process. Dropping naps were a huge deal with Henry and it felt like it took weeks to readjust to the new normal. And I can't even tell you when Jack went down to one nap. It just happened.

I like to think that this means that being a parent is becoming more second nature. That we are just more laid back and going with the flow. That Jack just fits seamlessly into our family. I remember someone telling me when we just had Henry that having two kids was easier for her than having one. It doesn't add up for sure. But I would have to agree. It is still so much work. And there are many moments that I feel like all sanity is lost forever. But I would say mentally, it has been easier with Jack. Not as much stress or worry and a whole lot more intuition and just going with the flow. I know we are all better because of this shift.

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