Wednesday, September 23, 2015

24 Hours Together:

Last weekend we were planning to attend a friend's wedding in Colorado. Due to an unexpected funeral we knew we could not miss, we ended up last minute deciding not to go. Last minute as in, I already had packed all of our stuff and we had already dropped the boys off with Grandma with their bags.

We eventually landed on spending the money we would have on gas to go to a nice dinner together and go home and sleep in our own bed without our boys home.

It was the right decision.

We enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here in town and then went to get drinks after. We took our time. We enjoyed our conversations. And we also just sat in silence and soaked it  up.

My body was anticipating a full night of sleep so we came home and I fell into bed around 9 and immediately fell asleep. And did not wake up for ten hours. It was glorious.

We went to breakfast on Saturday morning and then drove just out of town and did a short one mile hike together at a park. It was the first nice weekend in a long time and we were expecting a busy park, but we had it essentially to ourselves. The scenery was just okay. We only saw one animal the entire time (a tiny tiny frog). But it was great being outside with my one and only.

We talked about dream jobs and our future for our family. Hopes, dreams, wishes, etc. It was really just what we needed. Just a little bit of time alone together full of rest and adventure and really really yummy food. And time to get an actual conversation in without the our sweet Henry and Jack interruptions.

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