Monday, August 31, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday night the Crowder's came over for homemade pizza and salad. Henry was very talkative and talked about Wild Kratt's for about 20 minutes straight. Jack went to bed. After we ate we sat in the living room and watched sweet Corinne play with toys and watched Henry look for toys that she would like. We talked about buffalos, church, work, and babies. Pretty well rounded conversation I would say. 

Saturday Jack woke up a little too early and cuddled back up and fell asleep with Doug. I went and got a massage and a pedicure (thanks to a very generous and kind birthday gift). I walked around an antique mall for a while and headed back home to find Jack just waking up from his nap and Henry watching a show. 

We were all a little restless (and some were roudy) so we headed to the park. We got back in the car much more sandy, stinky, and sweaty. 

Sunday we put the boys in polo shirts for church and for some reason I just kept laughing every time I looked at Jack in his onesie polo. We forced a nap on Henry and Jack willingly slept. 

We ended our weekend with another pizza party (perfect weekend if you ask me) with the Odom's and the Jackson's. We had seven children running around between all of us but thankfully we have an older and wiser child, Cora, to help manage the wild crew. 

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