Friday, August 28, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Doug had soccer coach training on Saturday so I stayed home with the boys and thought it would be a good idea to organize my closet. Several hours later and a million piles later I had a clean closet. And Doug was home from his training. 

We went to get a few things for Henry for soccer at Dick's and stopped to eat lunch on our way home. Doug won a lunch for two at a local hamburger place by putting his business card in a fish bowl at the register. We paid 3.00 for Henry and Jack's grilled cheese. And the root beer was the highlight, again. 

Karen and I went birthday shopping at the mall in the afternoon while the boys slept. I came home with some fun new things and iced coffee for both Doug and I. I found the boys all in the backyard playing soccer. 

We had simple meals all weekend, turkey sandwiches, mac and cheese, left over from the week. I am finding this is our norm. I have zero brain cells by the end of the week to think about weekend meals. 

We went to the park twice!! I love love love having a great park just down our street. It is fun to walk down and spend a little while letting the boys get out the last of their daily energy before crashing for bed. 

Bath night on Saturday night and before the boys were in the tub, Doug walked into the bathroom and made the comment that the whole room smelled terrible. They sure now how to stink.

After church on Sunday we headed to Karen's for my family birthday lunch. We had taco salad and a yummy  granola fruit bar for dessert. Grandpa brought real peanuts for the boys to shell together. Henry was waaay more interested in burying them in the ground instead of eating them. Not sure where he got that idea. 

More naps and more park time to wrap up our day of rest. 

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