Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Over the Weekend:

We had a week for the books last week. It was emotional and exhausting (Christa had twins. Hanna's dad is ill. Doug's job is demanding and stressful, etc). So this weekend we tried to squeezed in some breathing space. We had to be extra creative because Doug had to study for an exam all weekend as well but I would say we achieved our goal overall.

Friday night Doug sent me a text on his way home and told me to load up the boys and we would go straight out to dinner once he got home from work. We tried a new to us pizza shop. Henry took pictures of the experience. He kept telling us all to say "cheese" and directing us for pictures.

Saturday was 50% of children's clothes at Goodwill, so I made my way to two different locations and stocked Henry up on 4T clothes. (I found several great shirts and jammies but no pants. I think we are finally to the age of boys wearing out pants. Boo)

Grandma Naydene is turning 85 this week, so the ladies of the family went to have tea in a historic home. We had chicken salad, tea, and individual coconut cream pies. She is such a delight and so easy to celebrate. I am so glad I married into a family with such wonderful people to love!

Doug studied and studied and studied.

The boys played with (new) fly swatters all weekend. Pretending they were shooting webs out of them. I told Doug I am not sure what we are going to do once we have used them to actually kill a fly. We might have two sets of fly swatters around our house.

The highlights of church on Sunday were the french horn solo, the men's ensemble singing "It is well", and Jon's preaching.

Sunday afternoon I took the boys to the park and then to the kid's area at Barnes and Noble. We ate dinner. And through it all I honestly had a very bad attitude toward Doug's study weekend. He met us for dinner and we talked it out in the parking lot with the boys in the car both yelling "Come on, Mom. Let's go". We saw the humor in it and laughed several times throughout our conversation.

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