Monday, August 3, 2015

Over the Weekend:

Friday we had dinner out to celebrate a big milestone Doug hit at work. We ate pizza, salad, and bread and had to tell the boys only about a million times to stop climbing around the booth. Jack fought going to bed but then around 10 threw up everything he had eaten. But he seemed to be much better after that and fell back to sleep. 

Saturday we were all still on edge trying to see if Jack was still sick, so we hung around the house in the morning to make sure he was really better. We worked in the yard while Jack napped. Ate lunch and then I took a nap by myself! We had errands to run (oil change in car, hair cut for Henry, buy diapers at Sam's) in the afternoon and came home to eat dinner. I struggle to cook in the summer because it is so hot!! So for dinner we had bun-less (apparently I also struggle to grocery shop) hotdogs. Doug's poor look on his face when he saw what dinner was. 

Saturday evening made up for it when the Sullivan's came over with fancy chocolate and wine. We did taste tests of the truffles and decided they were all good but thought that we might all start sweating from chocolate overdose. We had a great time just spending the evening together. All the children were either sleeping or with grandparents so it was really fun just being the four of us. Doing anything kid-less is like a treat but add in everything else and it was a luxury. Such a relaxing and enjoyable evening. 

Sunday we ate pancakes. Headed to church. Naps in the afternoon. And then we had a family water balloon fight. We all ended up in our tiny alligator pool together. Henry told me I am his favorite person to swim with. Jack kept saying "ack's" with every water balloon Doug made claiming them all as his own. We dried off and changed into jammies. Doug made fried egg sandwiches. Doug caught up with Greg on the phone while I watched a zoo animal movie with the boys. 

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Loved, loved our time together! So thankful for anytime spent with the Castles!